At Fox Law Firm, LLC we understand that Divorce can be a very stressful time.  There are many legal and emotional issues to be resolved.  With over ten years experience, the legal team at Fox Law Firm, LLC will work closely with you to help you through this difficult time of your life and assist you in navigating through the entire process.  Contact our office today to schedule a free 30 minute confidential consultation.  In your divorce consultation, you can express your concerns, fears, and wishes and we will explain the law to you and help explore the options available to you.


Uncontested Divorce - You have an uncontested divorce is you do not have children and/or property or if you do have children and/or property, but the two of you have discussed and agreed on who the children will live with the majority of the time, as well as, how the property will be distributed.  Lastly, if you do not know where your spouse is living, after due diligence in attempting to find him or her, you may qualify for an uncontested divorce.  Our uncontested divorce retainers begin at $1800.00.   




Divorce...With Minor Children

If you have children, your divorce process just became a little more intense, simply because you are not only making decisions for yourself, but decisions are being made that will affect the lives of your children as well.  You may have heard certain words such as - sole or joint custody, physical or residential custody, child support, visitation or parenting time, and allocation of parental responsibility.  We understand that the terminology can get confusing, which is why we take the time to explain each term with you and how it will affect your life.  As a client of Fox Law Firm, LLC, you can count on and trust us to work for you and protect your rights, while having your best interest in mind. 

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Legal Separation

Although legal separation is an option to divorce it is not used very often because the process is just as timely and detailed as obtaining a divorce.  Paperwork has to be filed, the parties served, maintenance and child support can be awarded, but you are still married.  Neither party is free to remarry, however, there are couples who seek legal separation for various reasons, one being to remain on the spouse's health insurance.  You should note, that insurance companies are becoming aware of this practice and are treating a legal separation as a final dissolution of marriage. 




Maintenance - Formerly known as Alimony

 After the court has determined that a maintenance award is appropriate, the law provides a type of guideline for maintenance where the parties combined gross income is less than $250,000 and there aren't any multiple family situations.  To learn more about maintenance, visit our "F.A.Q. page.  


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  • Uncontested Divorces starting at $1,800 

  • Contested Divorce retainer fees starting at $2,500